Busy Bees’ honey making skills originate from years of experience; passed down from generation to generation.

Eduard has developed his passion for honey making from his father, who was a bee keeper for a fair amount of years. He then enhanced his knowledge and expertise by attending a beekeeping course.

Later, Eduard started his honey making career from only two bee hives as a hobby and to boost his family’s good health through high-quality honey.
At present Eduard and his wife, Stela, are keeping bee hives in Staines–Upon–Thames and Maidenhead Holyport Farm.

Stela is responsible for the business’s marketing, administration and works with the clients, while Eduard assures a great quality of bees keeping, resulting in the outstanding quality of bee products.

The honey is 100% pure and raw, as nature intended. No chemicals or antibiotics are used in the bees management and the honey is extracted on the premises.

Eduard ensures the bees are regularly checked for diseases and that their care and food sources are exceptional, especially during winter. Moreover, in winter the honey is kept in the hives, so that the bees feed on the honey, not on sugar.

Stela showing Busy Bees Products
This is a little photo-documentation of our work life.

We hope you will find it interesting.