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Pure Raw Bee Propolis Honey 1 kg

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Amazing Bee Propolis Honey. Delicious with long aromatic lasting flavour. Fresh harvest 2023.

Propolis has an antibacterial effect, is considered a natural antibiotic. Propolis is used by bees to seal the hive. What is it for? It is added to honey to give it health-promoting properties! Propolis has a strong antibacterial effect, helps with upper respiratory tract infections, including troublesome sinus problems. Honey with propolis is the perfect way to stay healthy in a jar!

17 in stock

17 in stock

Pure raw honey with propolis was harvested in Surrey in summer 2022.

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Weight 1 kg

6 reviews for Pure Raw Bee Propolis Honey 1 kg

  1. Penny (verified owner)

    This depth of flavour of this honey amazes me every time I eat it. The texture is perfect for all the ways I enjoy it. Knowing I am able to eat such a tasty, health giving treat makes me very grateful. Thank you Busy Bees.

  2. Olga (verified owner)

    Delicious honey. The texture, colour are perfect. Ordering now a big pot. I will be definitely buying from this supplier in the future and will try a different kind of honey.

  3. andrew.westburnham (verified owner)

    The whole family love it, my grandson would live on it..

  4. Sarah

    Was pleasently surprised with the taste. Like honey but not my favourite sweetener for plain yogurts etc. But we all love this in our house. Has a fragrant fruit like flavour. Like appricot. You can smell the summer flowers. Amazing and extremely delicious so glad I discovered this brand. Very bees and humans for bringing it to us.

  5. Sue (verified owner)

    Beautiful local honey 🍯
    I have been ordering from this company for a few years now.
    I am never disappointed with the quality and think I’ve tried them all, this is one of my favourites.
    I can recommend this company 100%

  6. Richard Archer (verified owner)

    i love this honey, its just amazing! The propolis gives it an unusual but nice twist (in a similar way to bergamot does to earl grey tea or jasmine does to green tea)

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