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Pure Raw Cinnamon Infused Honey 340g


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Discover a delightful fusion of sweetness and spice with our Cinnamon Flavoured Honey. Made with pure, high-quality honey from Staines infused with the warm essence of organic cinnamon powder, each spoonful is a symphony of flavour. Perfect for enhancing your morning rituals, elevating your culinary creations, or simply enjoying on its own, our Cinnamon Flavoured Honey is a must-have pantry staple for any honey lover. Treat your taste buds to a unique and delicious experience today.

14 in stock

14 in stock

Indulge in the warm, comforting embrace of our Cinnamon Flavoured Honey. Crafted with the finest, all-natural ingredients, this exquisite blend combines the sweetness of pure honey from Staines with the rich, aromatic essence of organic cinnamon powder.

Our Cinnamon Flavoured Honey is perfect for adding a burst of flavour to your morning routine. Drizzle it over toast, pancakes, or oatmeal for a delightful twist on your favourite breakfast staples. Stir it into your tea or coffee for a sweet and spicy kick, or use it as a versatile ingredient in your favourite recipes.

Each spoonful of our Cinnamon Flavoured Honey is a journey through cosy kitchens and comforting memories. Whether you're baking, cooking, or simply enjoying a spoonful straight from the jar, let our honey elevate every moment with its irresistible flavour.

Experience the perfect harmony of sweetness and spice with our Cinnamon Flavoured Honey. Treat yourself to a jar today and add a touch of warmth to your day.

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