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Pure Raw Lime Honey 340g

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Pure raw lime honey. Delicious with long aromatic lasting flavour. Fresh harvest summer 2023.


7 in stock

7 in stock

Lime-tree honey is produced by honeybees, from the nectar of lime-tree flowers, Tilia. The lime-tree has small, yellow flowers, gathered into a bunch. Lime-tree honey is considered one of the best honey varieties. It is very rich in vitamins (especially 81, also known as thiamin), amino acids, pollen and resin. It has antiseptic properties and thus it is used to cure colds, flu, cough and bronchitis. Lime-tree honey dissolves the mucus and clears the throat. It is highly recommended to people suffering from stress and insomnia. A bit of lime-tree honey is better than any sleeping pill. Lime-tree honey also has anti-germs and anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, it is used to treat cramps and renal health problems.

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3 reviews for Pure Raw Lime Honey 340g

  1. Waqar Saleem

    Best raw honey. I only buy my honey from this supplier since 2017.

  2. Craig (verified owner)

    The only honey I will be buying from now. Delicious and local.

  3. Tracy Wardley

    Bought the large tub, amazing beautiful best ever raw honey. Gorgeous taste, 5 stars plus customer service. Simply the best and cannot recommend highly enough. Don’t buy anywhere else, you will not be disappointed!

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