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Pure Raw Honey With Bee Pollen 1 kg

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Discover the pure essence of nature’s vitality with our 1kg Bee Pollen Honey. Bursting with the goodness of golden honey infused with nutrient-rich bee pollen from our Surrey farms, each jar is a treasure trove of health and flavour. Indulge in the sweet richness of this natural elixir, perfect for adding a nutritious boost to your morning routine or enhancing your favourite recipes. Experience the power of nature’s bounty with every spoonful of our Bee Pollen Honey.

3 in stock

3 in stock

Introducing our 1kg Bee Pollen Honey, a powerhouse of natural goodness sourced directly from our Surrey farms' buzzing hives. Enriched with the potent benefits of bee pollen, this honey is a true treasure trove of health and flavour.

Harvested with care from the finest blossoms, our Bee Pollen Honey is a testament to the meticulous work of our buzzing friends. Each jar is packed with the unique combination of pure honey and bee pollen, creating a rich and complex flavour profile that's both nutritious and delicious.

Bee pollen is renowned for its abundant nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, making our Bee Pollen Honey not only a delectable treat but also a nourishing addition to your daily routine. Whether you drizzle it over yoghurt, stir it into smoothies, or enjoy it by the spoonful, our Bee Pollen Honey is sure to delight your senses and invigorate your body.

Experience the natural goodness of bee pollen with our premium honey blend. Elevate your wellness journey and indulge in the sweet taste of health with every jar.

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7 reviews for Pure Raw Honey With Bee Pollen 1 kg

  1. Carol Box (verified owner)

    Great website … even better raw honey!

  2. Liz Ray (verified owner)

    Brilliant honey – and good value, too!

  3. JR Ryan

    This is some of the best honey we’ve had. We keep a constant supply in the house and even give a pot to family members as presents for Christmas and birthdays. The Bee Pollen and honey together have kept us noticeably more healthy, and it tastes great! So glad to see your site, and to read that you keep the honey in the hives over winter too! Ethical treatment of living creatures is important to us, and this makes your product even more attractive than it already is.

  4. Paul Douglas Gregory (verified owner)

    This is simply the best honey in the World! I started using their raw honey with bee pollen to help my energy levels and immune system as I have chronic fatigue syndrome. I simply could not live without it now, not only has it vastly improved my energy levels, it tastes better than anything I have ever tasted! If you want to filter the honey into a drink, I would recommend a metal coffee filter. I have this in my morning black tea and in the evening with my herbal teas, it is simply wonderful. Busy Bees customer service is exactly what you would hope from a local supplier, superb, and personal.

  5. Tracy Wardley (verified owner)

    Superb quality, best honey ever, amazing price! Will be reordering more as soon as back in stock. Fabulous!

  6. Richard Archer (verified owner)

    In line with the other happy customers i felt compelled to create an account so i could express how amazing this honey is – it really is the best honey i have EVER had in my life and i cannot recommend it highly enough. It doesnt go unnoticed either that they wrap and pack the honey well too. Thanks Busy Bees you have a customer for life!

  7. Tracy Wardley (verified owner)

    Wonderful gorgeous honey. Premium quality, exceptional customer service and prices that cannot be beaten!

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